God is Involved

I arrived at Stony Point-PCUSA conference center on August 20. Immediately, I felt homesick because it is so different and out of my comfort zone. I cried for minutes and then joined in Kan Jam game. I and my other teammate scored well but we did not win. At least, I managed to dunk a frisbee into a can and threw frisbee smoothly. I was like, finally, I did something new on my first day and did it successfully!

Then, first few days, I sat in the auditorium for hours and hours with 5-10 minutes along with multiples of 1-hour meal break. I was like this was like taking GRE. One session showed me how my identities would impact my work as a volunteer. I was like yeah,  I had to deal with my voice in my head on how other people would think of me when I voice in a certain way. Then, I found the name for what exactly that I did. The speaker said, “I had to policing myself.” This concept is called “Self-Monitoring.” Then, I conclude that God involves in my life because I placed too much on myself.

God involves in my life including in my plan no matter what.

While pondering on how I would do my year on a second week after learning and gaining personal insights, I realized that my relationship with God is not a trusting, deepened relationship. Yes, even me as a Pastor’s kid suffers this. I want to control my plan. Yet, God plays a role in my plans because that is how I got a call to do YAV. However, I had some moments where I had too many “What ifs.” In a perfect timing, my housemates and I met Deacon Shani Mcllwain. Mcllwain showed the importance of praising God at all time. To have faith in God is to place God first ahead of everything. My challenge for this year is to place God first and trust God.


Fundraising is important skill to have and lessons for me as I may work in a church or any organizations. I know God has a plan for me but for this year, it is me working in a Presbyterian church at D.C. Your support and your prayers would help me. Your donations help our Washington D.C. Site.

Mail Donation:

Please write checks to National Capital Presbytery

In the memo line include:  Kasey Kelly – YAV

11300 Rockville Pike, Suite 1009
Rockville, MD 20852

Donate online:

When entering a Billing information for Step 3 part of the donation, on comments/instructions section, type: e051477 and Kasey Kelly


Prayers and/or donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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