Lessons and Moments

Last couple weeks and few days, I adjusted and learned in my placement at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church (NYAPC). I have been learning and doing something new at my YAV house, a workplace, and a community.

At my YAV house, I looked over at the house’s library and found that it has Harry Potter series. I motivated myself to read the series because this is best time to explore it. Then, I enjoyed it so much and I was reading the fourth book but finished it. I am onto the fifth one, which I have to say that it is difficult one to read. I hope that I can have some supports from Harry Potter Fans as I read the fifth one and I welcome any discussions about the series.

I found a love in watching The Great British Baker. Thanks to my housemate, Emily. Watching The Great British Baker is my new self-care. I find it enjoyable and I feel at ease. I laughed at some parts where I can feel their stresses. I realize that it shows up in my cooking on my first two weeks because I had never cooked for 6 of us. Then, I made a choice to allow myself to cook, just simply cooking and remember to double the recipes. Then, my vegetarian meals came out well. I am still proud of myself when I made panko covered cauliflower and rice.

Pankos-Covered Cauliflower and Rice


At my workplace, I found the joy in doing a database for the community club, the tutoring program. To relax and taking a break, I organize the donations for Radcliffe Closet. For the Radcliffe Room, I get to know the guests. For the Community Club event, I went to the Camp and took a position of arts and crafts including American Sign Language (ASL) Bingo. I learned to make Cobra Lanyard bracelets for arts and crafts. I am thankful for the students and tutors from the Community Club who teach me on how to do the crafts, batting for the softball, and learning about their insights.

Cobra Lanyard Bracelet (Left) and Knotted Keychain (Right)


As a part of my own way of engagement with a community, I feel blessed that I am able to visit National Museum of African American History and Culture. It was powerful and very important history. Some part of their history need to be recognized instead of being invisible. I need to say that I should give them a lot of credits for the U.S. Battles and Economy. I didn’t recognize how much they have done in the military and revolutionary wars. I didn’t learn it in school. I didn’t know until I visited the museum. I didn’t think about it and now, I learn that I need to find and see the forgotten parts hidden among the U.S. history and culture including today’s society.

Picture taken at National Museum of African American History and Culture


I welcome the donations and/or prayers from you. Thank you so much!

Mail Donation:

Please write checks to National Capital Presbytery

In the memo line include:  Kasey Kelly – YAV

11300 Rockville Pike, Suite 1009
Rockville, MD 20852

Donate online:

When entering a Billing information for Step 3 part of the donation, on comments/instructions section, type: e051477 and Kasey Kelly



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