Moving by Reflecting

Our teams’ names for Scavenger hunt game are Joan of Arc and Hildegard of Bingen. These women are the Saints who made waves of the feminine movement in God’s name. They are radical and they took steps out of the norms. As I reflect on their names, I remember how I didn’t think about how they can teach me about being a part of the movement.


Moving by A Song

The song, “Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly” shows me the significant work when taking actions. I learned that song at the YAV orientation back in August. I found myself singing it in my head after looking at the banners whenever I walked around New York Avenue Presbyterian Church.


A picture was taken by me



Moving by Performing

I joined an interplay at the Racial Justice festival. Interplay is a free creative expression. It’s like a theatrical improv body movement. When creating movements, I felt self-conscious. Then, I shut my mind off and did it. I found myself connecting well with strangers through the movement workshop. I felt great after that workshop because I got to be creative.

Moving by Seeing

When we went to see “The Hate U Give” movie as a part of our community engagement over Thanksgiving holiday, I sat there with my Closed Caption glasses on. I am glad that I used the glasses. I was able to experience the movie as much as I can. Watching the movie led me to have a reflection time on my privilege and my realities.

Moving by Walking

I saw the Christmas tree from my spot as I walked. I decided to walk toward it. I am glad that I walked toward the tree because it gave me an appreciation of Washington DC and its beauty. I have not had an experience of seeing a giant Christmas tree in the middle of the downtown area back in the mountains, so somehow DC feels home.


A picture was taken by me



Moving by Stillness

Tara suggested that I bless the clothing donations for Radcliffe Room’s closet. When I blessed every article of the clothes, it caused me to be in the stillness. The time actually flew by when I did that and I accomplished a lot.

Moving by Praying

I did the children’s message teaching them with American Sign Language (ASL). It has been a while since I prayed aloud in ASL to God. The last time was when I was in 11th grade with the ASL teacher praying with us. I am thankful for the experience.

Moving by Reading

I wrote a poem at the Race and Mindfulness festival. My poem is very close and personal to me so I do not want to publish it. I realize that I enjoy writing my poems. Writing poems has so much more freedom than prose. I found myself able to express creatively. One day, I will share it.


This is a wonderful opportunity to give donations to the YAV-DC as part of the Giving Tuesday if you feel the call. The goal is $2,000 by January. Your donations will keep our Washington D.C. YAV Site going. Your support and your prayers would help me.

Mail Donation:

Please write checks to National Capital Presbytery

In the memo line include:  Kasey Kelly – YAV

11300 Rockville Pike, Suite 1009
Rockville, MD 20852

Donate online:

When entering a Billing information for Step 3 part of the donation, on comments/instructions section, type: e051477 and Kasey Kelly

Prayers and/or donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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