My Story and YAV

It’s all started in Fall 2017. I knew that I wanted to take on the internship relating to the ministry and social advocacy. Throughout the summer and the fall of 2017, church members, family members, and friends asked me “What are you doing after you graduated?” I gave them an answer. “I don’t know.”

One day, I spotted a university staff member at a cafeteria. I felt the call to talk to the staff member. Throughout the conversation with the staff member, I told this person on what I want to do when I graduated and explained that I wanted an internship where I could figure out a ministry or an organization. Then, this person recommended that I checked YAV since they were at the campus for the career fair. I was hesitant at first but it couldn’t hurt to check the booth out. I rushed to the fair after the meal. I walked straight to the booth after looking at the map. I talked to the recruiters and I felt the connection. From there, I made it to this far. There were times that I could not believe it.

I pray that I witness things unfolding and works expand.

Prayers and Supports are greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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